Build a Terrarium with the New Little Succers Workshops in Neutral Bay

Little Succers
Photo credit: Facebook/Little Succers

Have you ever wanted to build your own terrarium? Now you can, thanks to Little Succers, a succulent studio in Neutral Bay.

Neutral Bay has become the new home of a permanent Little Succers studio as of mid-March 2021, and recently, they’ve started hosting some exciting events. The studio sells a variety of succulents and succulent care products, however they also host workshops that allow customers to fill glass cases with all sorts of flora for prices as low as $20.

These workshops, dubbed “Build Your Own Terrarium Bar”, are available at select dates which typically take up the latter half of each month until the end of 2021. Through these workshops, visitors will be able to attend 90-minute sessions where they can learn how to construct their terrariums, selecting everything from their vase, soil, pebbles, succulents, and decorations. 

Photo credit: Instagram/Little Succers

For $20 per person, visitors can reserve a spot at the workshop, however prices will increase depending on the size of the vase, the decorations implemented, as well as the succulents chosen for their creations. 

What distinguishes succulents from other plants is their natural hardiness, which stems from their ability to store water in leaves, steams, or roots in order to withstand droughts. This makes them completely sustainable in households as they are low-maintenance and don’t need to be watered as often as other common house plants. 

Photo credit: Instagram/Little Succers

Aside from these workshops, those who visit the new studio can also purchase a variety of plant-based products such as boxes filled with a variety of succulents, pots and paints to help decorate and liven up plant containers, and build-your-own terrarium take-home kits. 

Other products such as tote bags, wall planners, gift vouchers, and even succulent care kits which contain useful equipment that assist with keeping these potted plants alive are also available for purchase at the studio.

Photo credit: Little Succers

Those interested in booking a spot at their workshops can do so via this link, but hurry! Slots in May are only available between the 15th and the 23rd. For more information, visit their website. Follow their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on deals, dates, and other special announcements. 

Little Succers can be found at 81-91 Military Rd, Neutral Bay, just opposite The Oaks.