Neutral Bay Club To Host Wine Tasting & Gourmet Cheese Night

Neutral Bay Club on Westleigh Street is hosting another wine tasting and gourmet cheese night on Tuesday, the 26th of March. The event will be a two-hour treat for wine lovers who would like to sample different flavours, meet new people, and learn about wines from others who share a common interest

The event will feature Ben Tolstoshev, the owner of The Lane Vineyard from Adelaide Hills. Mr Tolstoshev will be discussing how his family established the business, as well as talk about his insights on the industry in South Australia, where there are over 700 wineries.

The Lane Vineyard enjoys a reputation of being in the top 10 percent of the best wine producers in Australia.  Mr Tolstoshev’s Hahndorf farm is also a restaurant frequented not just by local wine lovers but also tourists who want to enjoy a great drink with good food.

Photo Credit: Neutral Bay Club/Facebook

The Neutral Bay Club Bistro will be serving delicious gourmet cheese platters during the wine tasting event. After the party, guests may purchase any wine bottles they fancy for a discounted price.

Tickets to the Wine Tasting & Gourmet Cheese Night at the Neutral Bay Club is for $45 per person. The last event was apparently sold out due to its limited slots hence interested parties are encouraged to book earlier.