Forsyth Park in Neutral Bay Receives Council Grant to Fix Flooding Problems

Forsyth Park in Neutral Bay will undergo a much-needed upgrade as the North Sydney Council committed to funding the project to fix its flooding problems.

MP Trent Zimmerman confirmed in a Facebook post that the Council will provide $135,000 for the drainage overhaul of Forsyth Park. Part of the money will also be used to upgrade the upper oval to “competition standard.”

The upper oval, one of two sporting and recreational grounds at Forsyth Park, is a popular area where plenty of Neutral Bay sporting clubs and other school or recreational activities take place. In recent years, however, the site has been limitedly used because of the flooding even during light rain.

“[The upgrade] will mean it can be used more often and with less risk of injury,” Mr Zimmerman said.

Photo Credit: Last Man Stands Sydney/Facebook

North Sydney Junior District Cricket Club president Karl Riseborough welcomed the good news.

“Better use of the current facilities will take the pressure off the grounds in general and that means better schools and facilities for the children, and a safer playing environment,” Mr Riseborough said.

Details to the construction and drainage upgrade, however, have not yet been laid out as of press time.